Biografi Rio Haryanto

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Rio Haryanto is a talented young driver from Indonesia. Starting his racing career in the national and international Gokart arena since he was six years old, Rio joins Formula Asia 2.0 racing competition at the mere age of fifteen, in which he succeed to become the champion among Asians. In the following year he manages another great accomplishment by taking the first place in Formula BMW Pacific 2009 racing competition. On seventeen he was qualified to get the super license Formula 1 from Virgin F1 racing in a test drive Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi 2010. He is currently racing in the GP2 Series with EQ8 Caterham Racing Team and aims to be the first Indonesian to race in F1 racing competition.
Rio Haryanto was born in Solo, 22 January 1993 from the couple Indah Pennywati and Sinyo Haryanto. As a national veteran racer, Sinyo had taught Rio about discipline, kindness, and generosity since childhood. Just like a fruit that falls not far from its tree, little Rio loves to do challenges with his father. This youngest child out of four had started to drive a Gokart in the age of six. Following his brothers’ steps, Roy and Ryan Haryanto, Rio started to join racing competitions since 1999; he was six year old at that time. It doesn’t take long for Rio’s talent to be spotted. This blue and white colors lover soon becomes the champion of the national Gokart cadet class in 1999. Ikatan Motor Indonesia gave him an award as the Best Gokart Junior Athlete in 2005 and 2006.
In June 2008 he achieved first place in Asian Karting Open Championship first series in Guia circuit, Macau, China. After more than seven years competing in Gokart racing arena, the year also mark the beginning of Rio career in the car racing arena; he joined Asian Formula Renault and Formula Asia 2.0 racing competition. The change in what he drives isn’t decreasing his career at all. In the following year he achieved first place in Formula BMW Pacific in a total six series and fifteen rounds. Rio manages to grab fourteen podiums during 2009.
Aiming to race in F1, with the support from several sponsors, Rio leaves Asia to join the GP3 Europe Series 2010 racing competition. In July 2011 he succeeds to grab the first podium in Turkey, 1st Runner Up in Silverstone, 2nd Runner Up in Monza, Italy, and achieve the award as The Best Driver Manor Racing. The first win in GP3 series was afforded in the second race he did in Europe. For his accomplishments, Indonesia Raya reverberates in the Europe.
In July 2011 Rio achieves consecutive wins in GP3 Europe Series: the fifth and sixth series in N├╝rburgring circuit, German, Hungaroring, Budapest, 1st dan 2nd Runner Up di Monza, Italy, and also the award as The Best Win of Season GP3 series 2011. In June 2013 he manages to climb the podium and hold the winner trophy as second place in GP2 Sprint Race Series 5 in Silverstone circuit, England. GP2 Series is one important car racing competition as it is often considered by many racers as the initial step to reach F1. Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton, Timo Glock, and Nico H├╝lkenberg are some racers who had used the GP2 Series as a stepping stone to F1 before.
Rio Haryanto in Podium GP3

When he is not busy competing in a race, Rio stays in Singapore. There, he takes Business Management at FTMS GLOBAL SINGAPORE University, who has some links with Anglia Ruskin University in the UK. Every day, even when he is not competing, Rio diligently works on his stamina and physical condition in the morning and evening by swimming, jogging, or working out in gym for about four hours. He is also discipline in his diet by consuming food with high protein, like his favorite salmon, which he often cooks himself. Rio consciousness to not abandon his education is looked up by Sahabat Rio, the name for his loyal fans. Rio, who idolizes Ayrton Senna, also hopes to take parts in his father family business: a company that produces Kiky brand writing books.

With the huge number of technicians taking part and vehicles that need special treatments, the car racing competition are one that needs a huge sum of money. That means sponsors take very important roles in Rio achievements. The main sponsor is PERTAMINA, the biggest oil company in Indonesia, who has supported Rio since 2010 and also many other talented Indonesians who had win and echoed Indonesian name worldwide. There is also the national flight company, PT. GARUDA INDONESIA, who loyally takes Rio and crew to the country where he races. One more is KIKY, a company that produces writing books, who always support Rio in racing and education. Every time he goes back to Indonesia, Rio often spends some times to visit orphanage in Solo and shares his stories and adventures, just like a big brother to his little siblings. He gives them motivation and words to stay focus and never gives up in order to reach success. He hopes to bring spirit and power to Indonesian young generations, just as his dreams to travel the world and echoed Indonesian name, fight for the people and the country, and bring Indonesia to the F1 world racing competition.

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